Shivling in Clear Quartz (Sphatik)

Shivling in Clear Quartz (Sphatik)

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Shivling, also known as Shiva Lingam, is a Hindu symbol of Lord Shiva and is believed to bring peace, harmony, and positive energy. It is said to help with spiritual growth and enhance creativity, making it a great choice for artists and spiritual seekers. Carrying or meditating with a Shivling is thought to enhance one's connection with the divine and promote self-discovery.

Once there was a fierce battle between Lord Brahma (the creator) and Lord Vishnu (the preserver) to prove their superiority. As the battle raged on, Lord Shiva (the destroyer) emerged as a radiant pillar of light, which neither Brahma nor Vishnu could fathom. To settle their dispute, Lord Shiva transformed into the Lingam form, representing the infinite cosmic energy and the union of the divine masculine and feminine.

  1. Spiritual Awakening: The Lingam Spatik is believed to awaken spiritual consciousness, guiding individuals on their spiritual path. It helps in connecting with the divine, deepening meditation practices, and expanding awareness.

  2. Balance and Harmony: The Lingam Spatik is considered a symbol of balance and harmony, representing the union of opposites. It promotes the balance between masculine and feminine energies within oneself and in the external world, fostering inner peace and harmony.

  3. Transformation and Renewal: Just as Lord Shiva is associated with destruction and transformation, the Lingam Spatik signifies the power of transformation and renewal. It helps individuals let go of old patterns, beliefs, and limitations, allowing for personal growth, evolution, and spiritual renewal.

  4. Protection and Purification: The Lingam Spatik is believed to offer protection against negative energies and evil influences. It acts as a purifying agent, cleansing one's energy field and creating a positive and sacred space.

  5. Healing and Vitality: Lingam Spatik is associated with healing properties, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is believed to enhance vitality, balance the chakras, and support overall health.

Clear Quartz (Spatik)  is a powerful energy amplifier that can enhance the properties of other crystals. It is also said to promote clarity of thought and purpose, as well as amplify intentions. Clear Quartz is a versatile and highly sought after crystal that can benefit anyone seeking a boost in energy, focus, and clarity.

Dimensions: 1 inches (H) x 1 inch (W) x 1 inches (L)

45 gms approx


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