By Date of Birth / Zodiac

Date of Birth  Mukhis Zodiac
Mar 21-Apr 19 3 Aries or Mesha 
Apr 20 - May 20 4,7 Taurus or Vrishabha 
May 21- Jun 21 4,6 Gemini or Mithuna 
Jun 22 - Jul 22 2,3 Cancer or Karka 
Jul 23- Aug 22 3,12 Leo or Simha 
Aug 23- Sep 22 4,6 Virgo or Kanya 
Sep 23 -  Oct 23 6,7 Libra or Tula 
Oct 24 - Nov 22 2,5 Scorpio or Vrischika 
Nov 23 -  Dec 21 5,12 Sagittarius or Dhanu 
Dec 22 - Jan 19 6,7 Capricorn or Makara 
Jan 20 -  Feb 18 6,7 Aquarius or Kumbh 
Feb 19 - Mar 20 3,5 Pisces or Meena 
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Amber Bracelet for Protection & Luck
Reynald Sollano (Dubai, AE)
Amber bracelet

Amber is natural made from fossilized tree resin which believed to have therapeutic properties. And will bring good luck for the wearer.i love it and recommended

Amazing 🤩

Amazing product! Love it! I use for my aroma oil.

Moonstone and rose quartz

It's amazing. I love it.

Stone pendent

Gorgeous piece - prettier than picture

Amethyst Chunky Ring for Healing & Meditation
Nana Nidal Elzein (Dubai, AE)

Amethyst Chunky Ring for Healing & Meditation

7 Chakra Bracelet for Chakra Balancing
Maria Cornelia Sas (Abu Dhabi, AE)
Good looking bracelet

Everything is good except the closing mechanism , can be improved from the supplier


Thank you for the feedback. We will try to imprive this.


I absolutely love my new necklace, so delicate and a lovely pendant. Beautifully made. Thankyou 😊

Amelia Earrings
Moneera Mhd (Dubai, AE)

Ilove it ites very nice Thanks 💕

Gift Box
Maria Cornelia Sas (Abu Dhabi, AE)
Great box for a present

I like the bracelet , this was the second one and planning to order another one

Sophia Enamel Ring
Gabriela H. (Dubai, AE)
Sofia Enamel Ring

I love the ring, it’s exactly as pictured. Very gentle and feminine. The delivery was very quick

Amelia Bracelet
Moneera Mhd (Dubai, AE)

I lovet its a very nice item Thanks

Copper Bangle for Strength and Well being
Janekumar Chakkamadathil (Abu Dhabi, AE)
Loved it. Love the packaging!

This is a good quality product. I love it t lot. Thank you!

7 Chakra Bracelet for Chakra Balancing
Anisha Menon (Thāne, IN)
Amazing Product

Amazing Product. Quick delivery and loved the packaging.

I loved what I purchased

I'm totally addicted to order your products. I really love it a lot. It helps me in everything. Thank you

Grey Hematite Misbaha 33 Beads
Sama H. (Dubai, AE)

Grey Hematite Misbaha 33 Beads

Yellow Jade Bracelet for Positivity & Abundance

it’s nice❤️🍀

look good 👍



Madely Beautiful polish smooth

Very nice necklace beautifully made perfecty smooth touch to wear . Lovely!

Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Necklace for Wisdom & Protection

Pyrite Bracelet
Jennifer Cregencia (Dubai, AE)
its great although I was exoecting it to be as same as the photo on their page

The photo was a clear crystal but when I received it, it was not clear at all. it looks plastic-y. but I checked it, i knew it’s authentic. I just wish it was really really clear. but its still beautiful otherwise🤍

Thank you for your review. All crystals are natural therefore each one has a different appearance. It is perfectly normal to have impurities and inclusions in natural stones. This is what makes each piece unique.

7 Chakra Bracelet for Chakra Balancing
Shagufta Kundiwala (Sharjah, AE)

It is a beautiful jewelry .. goes with almost everything.. hope the stones are natural

Thank you for your review. All stones are natural.