By Date of Birth / Zodiac

Date of Birth  Mukhis Zodiac
Mar 21-Apr 19 3 Aries or Mesha 
Apr 20 - May 20 4,7 Taurus or Vrishabha 
May 21- Jun 21 4,6 Gemini or Mithuna 
Jun 22 - Jul 22 2,3 Cancer or Karka 
Jul 23- Aug 22 3,12 Leo or Simha 
Aug 23- Sep 22 4,6 Virgo or Kanya 
Sep 23 -  Oct 23 6,7 Libra or Tula 
Oct 24 - Nov 22 2,5 Scorpio or Vrischika 
Nov 23 -  Dec 21 5,12 Sagittarius or Dhanu 
Dec 22 - Jan 19 6,7 Capricorn or Makara 
Jan 20 -  Feb 18 6,7 Aquarius or Kumbh 
Feb 19 - Mar 20 3,5 Pisces or Meena 
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Amazing ❤️

Amazing really loves it ❤️

Love the bracelet!

Love the quality!

Black Obsidian Hexagon Necklace for Self Growth & Protection

Its amazing

Citrine Raw Pendant Necklace for Abundance & Cleansing

Super satisfied!

I’m so happy with my mala! And it was delivered so fast.

Amethyst Misbaha 33 Beads
Ghazala Shahid (Sharjah, AE)
Product as described

Nice and good quality products.


I received my order same day, and it’s been really helpful, things are falling into place for me and am super happy thanks thanks

The beads size seems a little bit big


The bead size are mentioned 8 mm in the description.


Love it!💖

Lapis Lazuli Misbaha 33 Beads
Yousef Yousef (Dubai, AE)
Amazing products & amazing service

We bought the Lapis Lazili Misbaha as a gift for religious occasion. The gift been ordered & delivered with super quality product & 7 star services in less than 4 hours . Really much appreciated and we wish you all the best

Pink Tourmaline Ring for Relationships & Love
Lilibeth Dizon (Abu Dhabi, AE)

Pink Tourmaline Ring for Relationships & Love

Green Jade Pendant Necklace for Luck & Prosperity
Morsalina - (Ras al-Khaimah, AE)
Green stone pendant

Elegant style I like it...

Amethyst Chunky Ring for Healing & Meditation
Harshawardhini Prakash (Dubai, AE)
Size issue

The size of the ring is too big and not fitting any of my fingers


The issue was resolved and replacement was received by you.

Light Weight & Nice

It is a lovely product.

Pyrite Bracelet
Anonymous (Ajman, AE)
Love for pyrite

I am in love with pyrite crystals. The one i ordered from Raw Spritiual is 100% original. I am glad to receive a miracle bracelet.

I felt the energy form day one i wear

Pyrite Bracelet
saeed (Abu Dhabi, AE)


The item is very good but I can't wear it.. it's big for my hand

Please contact us on with your wrist size


beautiful stones, but bracelet is big on my wrist

Please contact us on with your size.

Cute Bracelet

Thank you for the product. Very happy with quality and price I will visit the online store once again and make future purchases. Even faster if I see the products discounted

Nice quality

Just small for my arm. Please create size for men

Rose Quartz Chip Bracelet for Love & Relationships
Ni kadek tira Widari (Dubai, AE)
Rose quartz chip bracelet

Nice bracelet and very elegant 🥰

Seven Chakra

It's amazing product. I feel more energetic after using seven Chakra bracelet. Increased my meditation 🧘‍♀️ more deeper.
Thanks to *RAW SPRITUAL*

Very good quality and delivered on time.

The product is of very high quality and it's a beautiful to gift for yourself or your loved ones.