Known as "Tears of Shiva", Rudraksha seeds are considered as an instrument for inner transformation. Explore our exclusive selection of authentic Rudraksha beads to emabrk upon your spiritual journey.

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      Date of Birth  Mukhis Zodiac
      Mar 21-Apr 19 3 Aries or Mesha 
      Apr 20 - May 20 4,7 Taurus or Vrishabha 
      May 21- Jun 21 4,6 Gemini or Mithuna 
      Jun 22 - Jul 22 2,3 Cancer or Karka 
      Jul 23- Aug 22 3,12 Leo or Simha 
      Aug 23- Sep 22 4,6 Virgo or Kanya 
      Sep 23 -  Oct 23 6,7 Libra or Tula 
      Oct 24 - Nov 22 2,5 Scorpio or Vrischika 
      Nov 23 -  Dec 21 5,12 Sagittarius or Dhanu 
      Dec 22 - Jan 19 6,7 Capricorn or Makara 
      Jan 20 -  Feb 18 6,7 Aquarius or Kumbh 
      Feb 19 - Mar 20 3,5 Pisces or Meena 


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      Rudraksha FAQ's

      Rudraksha (also called as Rudraksh) are dried seeds of a tree, which grows in select locations of South East Asia namely India, Nepal and Idonesia, botanically known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. It is also called “Tears of Shiva” and there are many legends connected to Lord Shiva that describe its origin. The word Rudraksha comes from "Rudra" (name of Shiva) and "Aksha" meaning tears.

      Rudrakshas (also called as Rudraksh) are very supportive in maintaining physical and mental balance. For spiritual seekers, it supports to enhance one’s spiritual growth. It’s curative properties have been utilized worldwide for a number of physical, mental and psychosomatic illnesses.

      Yes. All the Rudrakhsa products are 100% authentic and sourced from reliable sources. This includes Rudraksha beads used in jewelry collections. We provide certificates wherever feasible. For certain products such as 5 Mukhi Rudraksha, certificates are not necessary as they are available in abundance in nature and original prodcts are easily available.

      Anyone, irrespective of gender, cultural, ethnic, geographical or religious background can wear Rudraksha. They are intended for persons at any stage in life irrespective of mental and physical condition. It can be worn by children, students, the elderly and ill for many benefits.

      No, the Rudraksha should never be shared with anyone else once you have started wearing it, since the Rudraksha adapts to the wearer.

      Various tests found on the internet such as the water test or the copper coin test are not reliable. The only way to identify real Rudraksha is to get them tested in labs by experts. We source the beads from reliable sources and ensure that the customer receives only the authentic products.

      Rudraksha Mala needs to be immersed in milk or ghee (clarified butter) overnight. It then needs to be washed with water and wiped with a clean cloth. Soap or any other chemiclas must never be used. After this conditioning, the color of the Rudraksha may change and it is perfectly normal as these are natural beads.

      Conditioning must be done every 6 months

      The Rudraksha beads are coated with natural colors to prevent them from drying and cracking up. Once the conditioning is done, the Rudraksha looses this coating and is moisturized with milk fat which prevents it from drying up. As you conitnue to wear it, the Rudraksha slowly absorbs body oils and gets darler in color which is a perfectly normal process.

      Rudrakhsa can be worn all the time except while consuming meat or using the bathroom. It can be worn when you sleep or shower however one must be careful not to use soap or chemicals on the Rudraksha as it may get damaged.

      Healing Properties of Rudraksha
      • Rudraksha help reduce anxiety and provide a calming effect.

      • Rudraksha is used in prayer beads for reciting mantras

      • Specific beads of different faces have specific properties and each of them is associated with a specific deity as per Hinduism

      • It brings peace of mind, stimulates your consciousness and sharpens the intellect

      • Rudraksha beads act like protective guard against negative energies.

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