Pixiu (S925 with Gold Plating) Feng Shui Bracelet for Good Luck
Pixiu (S925 with Gold Plating) Feng Shui Bracelet for Good Luck
Pixiu (S925 with Gold Plating) Feng Shui Bracelet for Good Luck

Pixiu (S925 with Gold Plating) Feng Shui Bracelet for Good Luck

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Pixiu Feng Shui bracelet (Piyao) offers a wealth of compelling benefits and significance. Believed to be a powerful protector and attractor of wealth and abundance, Pixiu is a legendary creature known for bringing good luck and fortune.

Wearing this bracelet can help ward off negative energies and promote prosperity while enhancing the flow of positive energy in one's life. Its significance in Feng Shui makes it a popular accessory to attract success, happiness, and overall well-being.

How to wear Pixiu Bracelet:

  • For better results, wear the Pixiu bracelet on your left hand, as it attracts good wealth luck. Wearing it on the right hand is thought to symbolize giving away your wealth to others. So, to maximize prosperity, wear it on the left.
  • The head of of the Pixiu should be facing outwards, as it symbolize going out to grab wealth luck and bring it back for you. Do not wear it facing towards yourself.
  • To enhance your connection with Pixiu, regularly touch its body like you would with a pet, but avoid touching its mouth and eyes, which it uses to hunt for treasures.
  • When not wearing the Pixiu bracelet, keep it in the living room with the head facing towards the main door, but avoid placing it in your bedroom.
  • When your bracelet breaks, it may signify that its purpose has been fulfilled. In such a case, pack it in a red cloth and bury it in the ground.
  • Do not eat chili while wearing Pi Xiu because chili can ruin your luck in making money.
  • Pixiu is not suitable for everyone. Those who cannot wear Pixiu include children, pregnant people, those who are sick, those who are very old, and others with deficient chi (energy)

Stone size: Color and size of stone may slightly vary as these are natural stones. Beads are 10mm beads. Pixiu size: 17*8.5*7mm

Bracelets are handmade made with 100% authentic stones. Pixiu charm is Silver (S925) with Gold plating.

Before Wearing Your Pixiu:

  • Cleanse your bracelet to remove any accumulated energy that may diminish its wealth charm.
  • Feed your Pixiu by placing it in a bowl with precious items like coins and gems annually, before the Chinese New Year, to attract abundance.
  • Program your intention by turning your goal into an affirmation and repeating it daily while wearing the bracelet to manifest your desires effectively.

 Setting Intent & Manifestation:

  • After completing the cleansing process, focus on manifesting positive intentions for your stone or crystal.
  • State your purpose of usage with uplifting affirmations, as if you have already received the desired benefits.
  • Once you have done this, you can place, keep, or wear your stone and crystals as desired.
  • Remember to repeat the cleansing and manifestation ritual during every full moon for continued energetic clarity and alignment.

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Marie A (Dubai, AE)

I love it

Josep Allan Dondiego (Dubai, AE)

Pixiu (S925 with Gold Plating) Feng Shui Bracelet for Good Luck

Hani Sharifi (Dubai, AE)

It's very good quality

Stanley Clef (Dubai, AE)

I received my order same day, and it’s been really helpful, things are falling into place for me and am super happy thanks thanks


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