Pyrite Bracelet
Pyrite Bracelet

Pyrite Bracelet

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Pyrite is a shiny, metallic stone associated with wealth, abundance, confidence, and protection.

Weight: 20 gms

Bead size: 8 mm

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Cregencia (Dubai, AE)
its great although I was exoecting it to be as same as the photo on their page

The photo was a clear crystal but when I received it, it was not clear at all. it looks plastic-y. but I checked it, i knew it’s authentic. I just wish it was really really clear. but its still beautiful otherwise🤍

Thank you for your review. All crystals are natural therefore each one has a different appearance. It is perfectly normal to have impurities and inclusions in natural stones. This is what makes each piece unique.

adnan albahar (Dubai, AE)

Beneficial Feedback: Average quality a bid small and tight on my wrist. A little overpriced!
Good comments: would be nice to offer desirable wrist size! Nicely put together. Elegant packaging. I liked matching bonze color rings mixed with the beads


Thank you for your feedback. We have already introduced sizing options for the handmade bracelets.

Regarding quality, please note that Pyrite by nature tends to get oxidised and therefore has spots and blemishes on the surface. This gives it a 'rusty' appearance. This is completely normal for a genuine Pyrite bead bracelets.

We do appreciate your feedback and will continue looking for improving the quality of our products.

Kind regards

Anonymous (Ajman, AE)
Love for pyrite

I am in love with pyrite crystals. The one i ordered from Raw Spritiual is 100% original. I am glad to receive a miracle bracelet.

saeed (Abu Dhabi, AE)



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