Tiger Eye Sun Catcher Pendulum for Protection & Courage
Tiger Eye Sun Catcher Pendulum for Protection & Courage
Tiger Eye Sun Catcher Pendulum for Protection & Courage

Tiger Eye Sun Catcher Pendulum for Protection & Courage

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Sun Catcher is perfect to hang in your car or home  or for reiki practice

Tiger-Eye crystal protects from negative energies, promotes mental clarity and clear-eyed vision - Increases focus, creativity, determination, willpower, self-confidence, and drive. Gives the confidence and courage to go after dreams and to take action. 

Zodiac: It gives most benefits to Leo, Capricorn, Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius, while other zodiacs will also see the benefits.


  • Solar Plexus Chakra/ Navel Chakra/ Third Chakra/ Manipura
  • Root Chakra/ First Chakra/ Muladhara

 Size: 35 cm long

Stone size: 4 cm and 3.5 cm long

How to use as Crystal Pendulum:

  1. Begin by finding a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus without distractions.
  2. Hold the pendulum by its chain or string, allowing it to hang freely.
  3. Clear your mind and set a clear intention for the pendulum. It could be for divination, healing, or seeking answers.
  4. Establish the direction for the pendulum's movements. You can do this by asking it to show you "yes" and "no" responses or by establishing a specific pattern.
  5. Start asking simple yes or no questions, observing the pendulum's movements. Clockwise or back and forth motions may indicate a "yes," while counterclockwise or side-to-side motions may indicate a "no."
  6. Practice regularly to build a stronger connection with the pendulum and improve your interpretation skills.

How to use as Sun Catcher:

  1. Choose a location where sunlight can directly hit the sun catcher, such as a window, balcony, or garden.
  2. Hang the sun catcher securely in the chosen spot, ensuring it has enough room to sway freely in the breeze.
  3. As sunlight passes through the crystals or glass of the sun catcher, it creates beautiful patterns of light and colors, adding a touch of sparkle to the surrounding area.
  4. Enjoy the enchanting display as the sun catcher catches the light and creates a mesmerizing ambiance.
  5. Periodically clean the sun catcher to maintain its shine and effectiveness in reflecting sunlight.

To cleanse your crystals, you can follow this simple process:

  1. Rinse your crystal under running water or submerge it in lukewarm water.
  2. Expose your crystal to sunlight for a maximum of 10 minutes.
  3. Leave your crystal in moonlight for several hours.
  4. Pass your crystal through incense, particularly sage smoke.
  5. Utilize sound vibrations, such as chanting or singing bowls, to cleanse your crystal.

    Manifestation  & Intention Setting

    • After completing the cleansing process, focus on manifesting positive intentions for your stone or crystal.

    • State your purpose of usage with uplifting affirmations, as if you have already received the desired benefits. Once you have done this, you can place, keep, or wear your stone and crystals as desired.

    • Remember to repeat the cleansing and manifestation ritual during every full moon for continued energetic clarity and alignment.

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    Mai Del Rosario (Dubai, AE)

    Tiger Eye Sun Catcher Pendulum for Protection & Courage


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